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Paper and Book: 研究業績

Paper and Book: 研究業績




学術誌に掲載または掲載予定の査読付き論文(査読付き報告含む)は併せて64本である(そのうち国際学術雑誌が48)。その他に,国際学術雑誌に投稿済み,投稿中の論文は4(うち3本の論文がRevise and Resubmit),投稿準備中は2本である。国内の学会誌等に掲載された論文・論説は200本を超える。国際会議,国際学会,国内学会での報告は100回以上であり,そのうち国連,IMFOECDBIS,中央銀行,政府からの招待講演は20回,国際会議・国際会議のInvited Sessionまたは大学主催による国際ワークショップでの招待講演は26回である。過去10年に限定すれば,国際会議・国際学会・国際的な査読付き雑誌と海外での研究活動を中心としている。出版した書籍は,単著2冊,共著4冊,編著1冊の計7冊である。


The total number of peer-reviewed articles published or scheduled for publication in journals is 64 (47 of them in international journals). In addition, 4 papers have been submitted or are scheduled to be submitted to international journals (2 of which are Revise and Resubmit). More than 200 papers and articles have been published in domestic journals. More than 100 reports have been presented at international conferences, including 20 invited lectures by the UN, IMF, OECD, BIS, central banks and governments, and 26 invited lectures at Invited Sessions of international conferences organised by universities. He has published a total of seven books: two single-authored, four co-authored and one edited.



. 学術論文・書籍:Papers(scientific, technical) & Books

A.    査読付き論文: Peer-Reviewed Papers


1.       Higo,M., Y. Saita, C. Shimizu, and Y. Tachi (2023), “Constructing a Building Price Index Using Big Data from the Administrative Sector--A Method for Estimating an Output-type Building Price Index Using Individual Data from the Statistics of Building Starts,” Journal of Official Statistics, (forthcoming).

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B.    投稿中または投稿準備: Work in Progress


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C. その他の学術論文・論説等


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E. 新聞論説

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. 学会報告: Presentations


A. 国際機関(国連,IMFOECDBIS) での招待講演

1.       6/9, 2022, Ottawa Group Meeting (United Nations Statistical Division)2022(Italian National Institute of Statistics). Presentation Title: Measuring the Services of Durables and Owner Occupied Housing.

2.       8/19, 2019, The 62nd ISI World Statistics Congress, invitation session by IMF & BIS (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), Presentation Title: Compilation of the Commercial Property Price Index (CPPI) and Its Use in Japan.

3.       8/17, 2019, Society for Economic Measurement, organized session (European Central Bank & Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany), Presentation Title: Rigidity of Housing Rent in CPI -Unit-level long-run dynamics of housing rents-

4.       2/21, 2019, International Conference on Real Estate Statistics 20 – 22 February 2019, European Convention Center, Luxembourg, European Commission, Presentation Title: Residential property price index in Japan: discussion in methodology and data sources.

5.       5/7,2018, Workshop on Commercial Property Price Indices (BIS), Turkey (Central Bank of Republic Turkey), Presentation Title: Biases in Commercial Property Price Indexes and Session 1 Chair.

6.       5/2, 2018, 69th FIABCI World Real Estate Congress, Dubai, UAE (Dubai Government, Dubai Land Department), Presentation Title: Measurement for Happiness: Residential Property Price Indices in Superstar Cities.

7.       5/10,2017, Ottawa Group Meeting (United Nations Statistical Division)2017(Bundesbank, Frankfurt). Presentation Title: An evaluation of the hedonic methods used by European National Statistical Institutes to compute their official House Price Indices.

8.       5/4, 2016, United Nations Economic Commission, Meeting of the Group of Experts on Consumer Price Indices,2016(Geneva, Switzerland): Documents. Presentation Title: Hedonic Regression Models for Tokyo Condominium Sales.

9.       11/18, 2014, Second IMF Statistical Forum: Statistics for Policymaking—Identifying Macroeconomic and Financial Vulnerabilities (IMF, Washington. D.C, USA), Presentation Title: Real Estate Prices—Availability, Importance, and New Developments (Discussant with Prof. Robert Shiller, Yale University).

10.    5/28, 2014, United Nations Economic Commission, Meeting of the Group of Experts on Consumer Price Indices,2014(Geneva, Switzerland), Presentation Title: Alternative approaches to CPPIs for Tokyo.

11.    9/30, 2014, International Conference on Commercial Property Price Indicators (Eurostat, ECB, IMF and BIS, OECD)2014(European Central Bank, Frankfurt, Germany), Presentation Title: Decomposing a CPPI into Land and Structure Components. (with Erwin Diewert).

12.    9/29, 2014, International Conference on Commercial Property Price Indicators (Eurostat, ECB, IMF and BIS, OECD)2014(European Central Bank, Frankfurt, Germany), Presentation Title: What is Commercial Property? (with David Geltner).

13.    3/2, 2014, OECD Workshop on House Price Statistics 2014 (OECD, Paris, France), Presentation Title: Residential Property Price Indexes in Japan.

14.    5/1,2013, Ottawa Group Meeting(United Nations Statistical Division)2013, (Copenhagen, Denmark). Presentation title: Commercial Property Price Indexes in TokyoPresentation title: Residential Property Price Indexes in Tokyo.

15.    5/10-11,2012, International Conference on Commercial Property Price Indicators(Eurostat, ECB, IMF and BIS, OECD)2012(Frankfurt, Germany) Presentation title: Biases in commercial Property Price Indexes.

16.    5/4-6, 2011, Ottawa Group Meeting (United Nations Statistical Division)2011(Wellington, New Zealand) Presentation title: House Prices at Different Stages in Buying/Selling Process.

17.    2/10-11,2011, Workshop on Residential Property Price Indices, Statistics Netherlands, The Hague, Netherlands. Presentation title: House Prices from Magazines, Realtors, and the Land Registry.

18.    5/10–12,2010, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), International Labour Office (ILO),Meeting of Experts on Consumer Price Indices(Geneva, Switzerland) Presentation title: Detecting Real Estate Bubbles: A New Approach Based on the Cross Sectional Dispersion of Property Prices.

19.    11/11,2009, Eurostat-IAOS-IFC Conference on Residential Property Price Indices Basel (Basel, Switzerland) Presentation title: On the Evolution of the House Price Distribution.

20.    05/27,2009, Ottawa Group Meeting (United Nations Statistical Division)2009 (Neuchâtel, Switzerland) Presentation title: House Prices and Rents in Tokyo- A Comparison of Repeat-sales and Hedonic measures-.


B. 国際会議 (Invited Session) ,大学主催の国際ワークショップ等での報告(大学からのリサーチセミナー(招待)を含む)

1.       10/12,2022, 7th World KLEMS Growth and Productivity Accounting Conference, Manchester, UK, Presentation Title: Alternative Measures for Chinese Productivity Growth.

2.       8/26,2022, IARIW 37th General Conference, STATEC, the national statistical office of Luxembourg, Presentation Title: Aging and Housing Prices.

3.       8/14,2022, Society for Economic Measurement, (University of Calgary, Calgary), Pentation Title: Constructing a Building Price Index Using Big Data from the Administrative Sector.

4.       8/26,2021, IARIW 36th General Conference, Oslo, Norway, Presentation Title: Residential Property Price Indexes: Spatial Coordinates Versus Neighbourhood Dummy Variables

5.       9/23, 2020, Zero-Build Forum'2020, International Opening session, Keynote speech. (Istanbul, turkey) Presentation Title: What is the Economic Value of Green?.

6.       7/4, 2020, NBER Summer Institute 2020 Conference on Research on Income and Wealth, (Cambridge MA) Presentation Title: Residential Property Price Indexes: Spatial Coordinates versus Neighbourhood Dummy Variables.

7.       7/29, 2019, Asia Pacific Real Estate Research Symposium 2019, (Guangzhou, China), Presentation Title: Geography and Realty Prices: Evidence from International Transaction-Level Data.

8.       7/9, 2019, Asian Real Estate Society Annual Conference 2019 (Shenzhen, China), Panelist at Panel - Exploring Real Estate Price Dynamics organized by David Geltner (MIT).

9.        8/22, 2018, IARIW 35th General Conference, (Statistics Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark). Presentation Title: Alternative Land Price Indexes for Commercial Properties in Tokyo.

10.     6/9, 2018, Society for Economic Measurement, (Xiamen University, Xiamen China). Presentation Title: Alternative Land Price Indexes for Commercial Properties in Tokyo.

11.     7/23,2017, Society for Economic Measurement, (MIT, Boston). Presentation Title: Decompositions of Spatially Varying Quantile Distribution Estimates: The Rise and Fall of Tokyo House Prices.

12.    6/23,2017, International Conference about Urban Scene, The Seoul University, (Seoul, Korea). Presentation Title: Do Urban Amenities Drive Housing Rent?

13.    5/19, 2017, The 8th International Symposium on Housing Market and Macroeconomy, National University of Singapore (Singapore).

14.    7/6-8,2016, Society for Economic Measurement, (Thessaloniki, Greece). Presentation Title: Quantile Regressions and the Decomposition of House Price Distribution.

15.    7/27-31,2015, 60th World Statistics Congress, (Rio, Brazil): Program. Presentation Title: Commercial Property Price Indexes and the System of National Accounts.

16.    7/22-24,2015, Society for Economic Measurement, (OECD, Paris). Presentation Title: New Estimates for the Price of Housing in the Japanese CPI Nominal Rigidity of Rents.

17.    5/20,2015, Ottawa Group Meeting (United Nations Statistical Division)2015(Urayasu, Japan). Presentation Title: Housing Rent and Japanese CPI.

18.    5/21,2015, Ottawa Group Meeting (United Nations Statistical Division)2015(Urayasu, Japan). Presentation Title: Consumer Price Index Biases-Elementary Index Biases vs. Sampling Biases-

19.     8/20, 2014, Society for Economic Measurement, (Chicago, USA), Session. Alternative Approaches to the Measurement of Property Prices, Presentation Title: Depreciation Rate for Commercial Property(with Erwin Diewert).

20.    12/14, 2013, Real Estate Driven Systemic Risk: Country Cases & Their Policy Implications (Lotte Hotel in Seoul, South Korea by Korean Development Institute). Presentation title: Sticky Housing Rents and Monetary Policy: The Japanese Experience.

21.      1/24, 2013, University of Hong Kong,(Hong Kong, China). Presentation title: Present Value and Risk Premiums: -Commercial Property Price Indexes and Property Investment Return-.

22.    8/29-9/1,2010, International Real Estate Economics and Finance Research Seminar, (Isle of Skye, Scotland) Presentation title: On the Evolution of the House Price Distribution.

23.    11/23, 2012, EMG Workshop2012, (Crown Plaza Hotel in Sidney by New South Wales University, Australia).Presentation title: Commercial Property Price Indexes for Tokyo-Transaction-Based Index, Appraisal-Based Index-.

24.     8/24,2012, Cambridge University Research Seminar of Land Economy,(Cambridge, UK).Presentation title: The Investment Value of Green BuildingsThe Sustainability of Property Value.

25.     3/22, 2009 Shimizu,C, and T.Watanabe, “House,Housing Market Bubbles in Japan and the US”, International Economy on U.S. Economy(Ministry of Finance).

26.    12/19, 2008 Shimizu,C, K.G.Nishimura and T.Watanabe, “Residential Rents and Price Rigidity-Micro Structure and Macro Consequences-”,NBER-TCER-CEPR Conference on Sticky Prices and Inflation Dynamics(Asian Development Bank Institute.)


B.    その他,国際学会での報告

1.     1/5, 2019, The ASSA 2019 annual meeting, (Atlanta, US), Presentation Title: Gravity, Counterparties and Foreign Investment.(with Cristian Badarinza and Tarun Ramadorai).

2.     1/5, 2019, The ASSA 2019 annual meeting, (Atlanta, US), Presentation Title: Spatial Estimates of Bubbles: Tokyo House Prices and Rents. (with Xiangyu Guo, Yongheng Deng and Daniel McMillen).

3.     7/10,2017, Asian Real Estate Society, (Taichung, Taiwan).Presentation Title: Locally Weighted Quantile House Price Indices and Distribution in Japanese Cities, 1986–2015.

4.     6/24, 2016, 27th Annual East Asian Seminar on Economics, (Singapore), Presentation Title: Geography and Realty Prices: Evidence from international transaction data.

5.     8/22, 2016, 34th IARIW General Conference (Dresden, Germany). Presentation Title: Analysis of policy options to address Japan’s declining population, shrinking birthrate, and aging society.

6.     8/25, 2016, 34th IARIW General Conference (Dresden, Germany). 8/25 Presentation Title: Hedonic Regression Models for Tokyo Condominium Sales.

7.     1/2, 2016, The AREUEA–ASSA Conference 2016,(San Francisco, US). Presentation Title: Decomposed Housing Price Indexes with Quantile Regression.

8.     8/24-30, 2014, 33rd IARIW General Conference- Session for 7B “Measuring Capital Stock and Capital Services”,(Rotterdam, Netherlands), Presentation Title: Measuring Commercial Property Prices in Tokyo(with Erwin Diewert).

9.     8/19, 2014, Society for Economic Measurement, (Chicago, USA), Session. Measuring and interpreting trends in the housing market, Presentation Title: Sticky Housing Rents and Monetary Policy: The Japanese Experience (with Tsutomu Watanabe).

10.   7/29, 2014, ZEMCH Tokyo mission (Tokyo, Japan), Presentation Title: Green Luxury Goods? The Economics of Eco-Labels in the Japanese Housing Market(with Franz Fuerst).

11.   7/18, 2014, XVIII World Congress of Sociology- Session for Arts Scenes: An International Perspective, Organized by Tery Nicholas Clark, Chicago University(Pacifico Yokohama,Japan), Presentation Title: Urban Amenities and Rent(with Shinya Yasumoto).

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2014 -2018

日本学術振興会・科学研究費基盤研究(C). 26380011研究分担者

「ホームレスの居住空間の実証的研究-貧困地区・市民団体・税制・住宅政策の再検討」 (代表・東京都立大学・教授・長谷川貴陽史)



日本学術振興会・科学研究費基盤研究( S). 25220502研究分担者

「不動産市場・金融危機・経済成長:経済学からの統合アプローチ」(代表・一橋大学経済研究所・准教授・ 植杉 威一郎)



日本学術振興会・科学研究費基盤研究( A).24243032・研究分担者

「ダウンサイジング環境における土地・住宅ストックの効率的再構築に関する研究」(代表・一橋大学経済学研究科・教授・ 齊藤 誠)



日本学術振興会・科学研究費基盤研究( C). 24618008・研究分担者

「住宅価格モデルにおける時間,年齢および世代効果の分離手法に関する研究」(代表・富山大学・教授・唐渡 広志)




「高質の住宅ストックを生み出し支える社会システムの設計」(代表・一橋大学経済学研究科・教授・ 齊藤 誠)




「持続的成長を可能にする産業・金融ネットワークの設計」(代表・一橋大学経済研究所・准教授・ 植杉 威一郎)



日本学術振興会・科学研究費基盤研究(C). 21530232・研究分担者

「首都圏における住宅市場の動学分析」(代表・成蹊大学経済学部・教授・ 中神 康博)



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日本不動産学会著作賞 2005, 2015

資産評価政策学会論説賞 2010, 2011

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計画行政学会論文奨励賞 1998


日本大学リサーチャーアワード 2020

麗澤大学教育奨励賞 2010(講義『経済学入門ゼミ』に対する評価)

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5.     一般社団法人電力データ管理協会 諮問委員会,委員長(2022.6~現在に至る).

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7.     総務省統計局統計調査部消費統計物価統計室,物価研究会,審議協力者,(2021-現在に至る).

8.     総務省統計委員会担当室,公的統計の国際比較可能性に関する調査研究,委員(2021-2022).

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18.   一般財団法人 資産評価システム研究センター,固定資産税制度に関する調査研究委員会委員(2017-2019).

19.   国土交通省,不動産鑑定評価フォローアップ委員会, (2017-現在に至る).

20.   資産評価政策学会,理事,(2016.10.1~現在に至る).

21.   国土交通省,社会資本整備審議会都市計画・歴史的風土分科会 都市マネジメント小委員会,専門委員(2014-2016)

22.   国土交通省,都市局 日本らしく美しい景観づくりに関する懇談会,委員(2014-2016).

23.   経済産業省,経済産業研究所 日米相対比価体系と国際競争力評価研究会,委員(2013-2016).

24.   Eurostat, Handbook on Commercial Property Price Index Indicators, Member of Advisory Board. (2012.6-2014).

25.   環境省,賃貸住宅における環境性能実測調査研究会,委員(2012-2014) .

26.   国土交通省,土地・建設産業局・世代間資産移転の促進に関する検討会,座長(2012-2013) .

27.   国土交通省,土地・建設産業局・地価公示あり方検討会,委員(2012-2013).

28.   国土交通省,土地・建設産業局・不動産市場を考慮したマクロ経済モデル研究会,委員(2010-2012)

29.   財務省,主計局・予算執行調査(外部有識者) 土地評価基準作成鑑定評価等経費担当(2012).

30.   国土交通省,都市地域整備局・環境共生型都市開発の海外展開に向けた研究会,委員(2010-2012)

31.   国土交通省,土地・建設産業局・不動産価格の動向指標の整備に関する研究会,座長(2010-2018)

32.   国土交通省,社会資本整備審議会都市計画・歴史的風土分科会・都市計画検討小委員会,専門委員(2010-2018)

33.   国土交通省,社会資本整備審議会都市計画・歴史的風土分科会・都市マネジメント小委員会,専門委員(2014-2018)

34.   国土交通省,都市地域整備局TIF(Tax Increment Financing)制度検討会,委員(2010-2011).

35.   国土交通省,都市再生機構のあり方に関する検討委員会,委員(2010-2011)

36.   国土交通省,土地水資源局・不動産における「環境」の価値を考える研究会,委員,経済価値WG座長 (2009-2011)

37.   国土交通省,土地水資源局証券化不動産鑑定評価フォローアップ委員会,ワーキンググループ座長(2007-2010).

38.   国土交通省,都市地域整備局・地域活性化に資する民間開発事業の資金調達手法に関する調査研究会,座長(2010)

39.   柏市,駐輪場指定管理者選定委員会委員(2010)

40.   国土交通省,都市地域整備局・対日投資を促進するための官民共同による新たな情報発信の場を用いた効果的なシティセールス方策に関する検討委員会,委員長(2009-2011)

41.   国土交通省,土地水資源局・不動産データベース委員会,委員長代理(2008-2010)

42.   国土交通省,都市地域整備局・都市開発事業におけるノンリコースローン等の活用方策に関する研究会,座長(2008-2009)

43.   国土交通省,国土審議会土地政策企画部会・不動産市場中長期ビジョン検討小委員会,委員(2008-2010)

44.   国土交通省,土地水資源局・公的不動産研究会,委員(2008-2009)

45.   国土交通省,土地水資源局・不動産ID-EDI研究会,委員(2008)

46.   国土交通省,土地水資源局・不動産投資市場研究会,委員(2008)

47.   国土交通省,国土審議会不動産鑑定評価部会・投資不動産鑑定評価基準検討小委員会委員.(2007).

48.   国土交通省,土地水資源局・不動産デリバティブ研究会,委員(2007)

49.   内閣府,統計委員会,専門委員(2007-2009)

50.   国土交通省,土地水資源局・企業不動産研究会,委員・ガイドライン作成WG委員長(2006-2007)

51.   国土交通省,土地水資源局・取引価格情報の提供制度に関する検討委員会,委員(2006)

52.   国土交通省,国土審議会不動産投資検討小委員会,委員長代理(2005-2006)

53.   財務省,理財局・庁舎等の売却・証券手法についての検討会,座長代理(2005)

54.   国土交通省,国土整備局・社会資本整備にかかる新しいファイナンス手法アドバイザリーボード,委員(2005)

55.   流山市,行財政改革審議会,委員(2005-2010)

56.   柏市,自転車等駐車対策協議会,委員・会長(2005-,会長は2008-2010)

57.   柏市,市道愛称制定委員会,座長(2005)