Measurement of Productivity

Semester 2

By. Professor Chihiro Shimizu

Consulting: Monday and Wednesday 13:00-15:00.
21 Heng Mui Terrace, #04-02

This is a restricted elective module with 4 module credit.

The syllubus of the module is given by the NUS Bulletin: "Students will be introduced to the mechanics and process of research. This module covers topics such as: problem identification and formulation, statement of research objectives, literature review, development of relevant hypothesis, research design and methodologies, data collection, statistical analyses, report writing and presentation. Statistical techniques such as descriptive and inferential statistics, time series, and multivariate statistical methods will be introduced. The emphasis is on the application of the statistical tools to real estate research questions. Students will also learn to apply basic statistical tools with hands-on practices on software like SPSS, Stata and Eview."

The lecturers-in-charge has re-developed the module in 2016. The content is given in the IVLE-RE 3201-Synopsis.

Lectures:             16:00-18:00, Thursday, starting from the week of 11th Jan. 2016.
Venue:                 SDE-423 
Tutorials:             9:00-11:00; 11:00-1:00 (for both odd and even weeks).
                            In the first half, the starting date is 28 January. There will be  2 tutorials.
                            In the second half, the starting date is from the week of March 17, 2016. There will be 2 tutorials. 
Venue:                 CR4

Lecture 1 What is research methodology in real estate studies?

Lecture 2 Research design and process

Lecture3 Method of data collection

Lecture4 Analysing data

Lecture5 Interpretation and validation

Lecture6.Writing report

Tutorial01. Literature review and data collection

Tutorial02. Analyzing survey data


CA:     40%

      CA1: 20% allocated to the first half of the module
           1. Classroom performance:           5% 
           2. Tutorial worksheet completion 15%
      CA2: 20% allocated to the second half of the module
           1. Classroom performance:           5%       
           2. Tutorial worksheet completion:  15%

Final Exam: 60%  (restricted open book: tutorial worksheet of the module are not allowed in the examination hall)