Chihiro SHIMIZU  清水千弘 本文へジャンプ

CSIS-The University of Tokyo | CRERC University of Cambridge

Joint Workshop Series on Sustainable Property Markets

June 25th, July 30th, and August 27th, 2021 Online


The University of Tokyo (Center for Spatial Information Science) and The University of Cambridge (Cambridge Centre for Real Estate Research) ) are jointly organizing a series of online workshop with a focus on issues of sustainability and property market. The workshop series will feature more in-depth paper presentations and will stimulate discussion among presenters, assigned discussants, and other participants.



Chihiro Shimizu (U Tokyo and Nihon U), Franz Fuerst (U Cambridge), Nikodem Szumilo (UCL), Georgia Warren-Myers (U Melbourne), Xiangyu Guo (Fudan University), Hiroki Baba (Kyoto U)



Workshop 1: June 25th, 2021: Chair. Franz Fuerst (U Cambridge)

17:00-17:40 (JST)

              Martyna Joanna Surma (U Reading)

             “Built Environment versus Employee Engagement in the Context of the new Workplace  Ecosystem in in a Post-Covid-19 World”

Discussant: Hongjik Kim (U Tokyo)


17:40-18:20 (JST)

              Konrad Hedemann (Allianz Real Estate GmbH), Werner Lang (TUM), Bing Zhu(TUM)

              “More than Green Certificate: Green Leases and Investment Return in Commercial Real            Estate”

 Discussant: Masatomo Suzuki (U Tokyo)


18:20-19:00 (JST)

              Yechi Ma (Northeast Normal U), Jiayi Xue (UCL), Zilong Wang (U Cambridge)

              “Eco-labeling in commercial office market in Beijing: Does LEED obtain rental  premium?”

Discussant: Hiroki Baba (Kyoto U)


Workshop 2: July 30th, 2021: Chair. Chihiro Shimizu (U Tokyo & Nihon U)

22:00-22:40 (JST)

Junichiro Onishi (Xymax Real Estate Institute & U Tokyo), Yonheng Deng(U Wisconsin Madison), Chihiro Shimizu(U Tokyo & Nihon U)

              “The Economic Value of Green Office Buildings in Tokyo”

Discussant: Jiro Yoshida (Pennsylvania State University)





Workshop 3: August 27th, 2021: Chair. Georgia Warren-Myers (U Melbourne)

17:00-17:40 (JST)

              Sven Damen (U Antwerp)

              “How green is your house? Mandatory energy performance certificates and energy        consumption”

Discussant:Masa Noguchi (U Melbourne)

17:40-18:20 (JST)

Yana Akhtyrska (U Cambridge), Franz Fuerst (U Cambridge)

              “Environmental and Economic Impacts of Proactive Energy Management: Evidence       from the US Office Market”

Discussant:Kwan Lee (National University of Singapore)

18:20-19:00 (JST)

Juncheng Yang (MIT), Helena Rong (Columbia U), Yuhao Kang (U Wisconsin-      Madison), Fan Zhang (MIT), Andrea Chegut (MIT)

              “The Financial Impact of Street-level Greenery on New York Commercial Buildings”

Discussant: Masaki Mori (EHL Hospitality Business & Hotel Management School)